Chonburi’s League Cup Record


29/8/10 1st Round 1st Leg: Phitsanulok 0-2 Chonburi

2/9/10 1st Round 2nd Leg: Chonburi 3-1 Phisanulok (5-1 aggregate)

22/9/10 2nd Round 1st Leg: Bangkok Glass 1-0 Chonburi

20/10/10 2nd Round 2nd Leg: Chonburi 0-2 Bangkok Glass (0-3 aggregate)

P4 W2 D0 L2 F5 A4


18/6/11 1st Round: Prachinburi 0-2 Chonburi

29/6/11 2nd Round Chonburi 6-0 Mahasarakham Utd

6/7/11 3rd Round 1st Leg: Chonburi 1-0 Sisaket

3/8/11 3rd Round 2nd Leg: Sisaket 1-1 Chonburi (1-2 aggregate)

17/8/11 Quarter Finals 1st Leg: Chonburi 3-2 Muang Thong Utd

18/9/11 Quarter Finals 2nd Leg: Muang Thong Utd 0-0 Chonburi (2-3 aggregate)

21/9/11 Semi Finals 1st Leg: PEA 1-0 Chonburi

1/10/11 Semi Finals 2nd Leg: Chonburi 3-2 PEA (PEA won on away goals)

P8 W5 D2 L1 F16 A6


9/6/12 1st Round: Nakhon Si Thammarat 0-1 Chonburi

11/7/12 2nd Round Phetchaburi 0-4 Chonburi

22/8/12 3rd Round Customs Utd 0-2 Chonburi (aet)

5/9/12 Quarter Finals 1st Leg: Bangkok Glass 1-0 Chonburi

11/9/12 Quarter Finals 2nd Leg: Chonburi 1-1 Bangkok Glass (1-2 aggregate)

P5 W3 D1 L1 F8 A2


23/3/131st Round: Rajpracha 0-4 Chonburi

8/5/13 2nd Round: Trang 0-1 Chonburi

5/6/13 3rd Round Chiang Rai Utd 0-0 Chonburi (5-6 pens)

3/7/13 Quarter Finals 1st Leg: Ratchaburi 1-0 Chonburi

31/7/13 Quarter Finals 2nd Leg: Chonburi 2-2 Ratchaburi (2-3 aggregate)

P5 W2 D2*L1 F7 A3

*Won one match on penalties


2/3/14 1st Round: Roi Et Utd 0-1 Chonburi

30/4/14 2nd Round: Bangkok FC 1-1 Chonburi (4-5 pens)

11/6/14 3rd Round: Ratchaburi 2-1 Chonburi

P3 W1 D1* L1 F3 A3

*Won one match on penalties


18/4/15 1st Round: Chonburi 2-0 Rajpruk Muangnont Utd

1/7/15 2nd Round: Pathum Thani Seeker 0-4 Chonburi

22/7/15 3rd Round: Pattaya Utd 3-1 Chonburi

P3 W2 D0 L1 F7 A3


19/4/16 1st Round: Samut Sakhon 1-4 Chonburi

8/6/16 2nd Round: Air Force Utd 1-1 Chonburi (4-5 pens)

6/7/16 3rd Round: Chonburi 1-2 Sisaket (aet)

P3 W1 D1* L1 F6 A4

*Won one match on penalties 


26/7/17 1st Round: Chiang Mai 2-2 Chonburi (2-4 pens) 

1/10/17 2nd Round: Chonburi 1-1 Buriram Utd (4-5 pens)

P2 W0 D2* L0 F3 A3

*Won one match and lost one match on penalties


13/6/18 1st Round: Khon Kaen 1-2 Chonburi

11/7/18 2nd Round: Chonburi 5-1 Muang Thong Utd

8/8/18 Quarter Final: Chonburi 4-6 Bangkok Glass (AET)

P3 W2 D0 L1 F11 A8


Home- P13 W7 D3* L3 F32 A20

Away- P23 W11 D6*L6 F34 A16

Overall- P36 W18 D9*L9 F66 A36

*Won four matches and lost one match on penalties

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