Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Trat

  1. Head coach, Phayong Khunnaen recently won the Thai TV version of highbrow quiz show, ‘Mastermind. His specialist subject in the final was 70s sitcom, ‘Are You Being Served..?’
  2. Club chairman, Chucheep Liangthanom is a big fan of the 1968 movie, ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ and lives in a house modelled on Baron Bomburst’s castle.
  3. Chucheep Liangtanom’s two children are named Caractacus and Truly, after the two main characters in his favourite film.
  4. Goalkeeper, Todsaporn SriReung has webbed fingers and has to have his gloves specially made. League rules stipulate that he is not allowed to keep goal bare-handed, as this would give him an unfair advantage.
  5. The club does not own any footballs and has to borrow them from local schools for training sessions and home matches.
  6. Trat spelt backwards is Tart.
  7. Striker (and ex-Chonburi favourite), Bireme Diouf has a sandwich named after him in his native Ivory Coast. It’s called the Bireme Diouf Sandwich.
  8. The club’s nickname is The White Elephants. According to the Oxford English Dictionary a ‘white elephant’ is “a useless possession, especially one that is expensive to keep”. (Insert own joke here…)
  9. Trat is the only province in Thailand that doesn’t have a single 7-11 store.
  10. Squad members, Supoj Wonghoi, Tatchanon Nakarawong, Seksir Srisai, Pichit Jaibun and Pairote Sokam occasionally perform as a Take That tribute band called, unsurprisingly, Take Trat.

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