Let’s Talk About Goals

Chonburi’s nine league matches this season have produced an astonishing 41 goals, at an average of 4.55 per game, making us the most entertaining team in the league. Below, I have ranked all our previous year’s tallies in descending order.

2019: P9 F18 A23 Total=41 Average=4.55

2017: P34 F59 A59 Total=118 Average=3.47

2015: P34 F62 A44 Total=106 Average=3.11

2013: P32 F61 A35 Total=96 Average=3

2012: P34 F65 A33 Total=98 Average=2.88

2018: P34 F45 A53 Total=98 Average=2.88

2010: P30 F57 A28 Total=85 Average=2.83

2016: P31 F52 A33 Total=85 Average=2.74

2009: P30 F50 A30 Total=80 Average=2.66

2006: P22 F29 A28 Total=57 Average=2.59

2011: P34 F58 A29 Total=87 Average=2.55

2007: P30 F50 A25 Total=75 Average=2.5

2014: P38 F62 A33 Total=95 Average=2.5

2008: P30 F34 A14 Total=48 Average=1.6