Chonburi’s Record Against Newly Promoted Teams: 2007-Present

As we play T1 newcomers, Chiang Mai on Sunday, I thought I’d take a look at our record against all the promoted sides from 2007 to the present day. As you can see below, we haven’t done too badly.


Nakorn Pathom: Home W3-1; Away W1-0

Navy: Home W2-1; Away W1-0

Police: Home D0-0; Away W2-0

ToT: Home D0-0; Away W2-1

Record: P8 W6 D2 L0 F11 A3 Pts20


Bang Phra: Home D0-0; Away W1-0

Chula: Home W4-1; Away D0-0

Customs: Home W2-0; Away W1-0

Samut Songkram: Home D0-0; Away W2-1

Record: P8 W5 D3 L0 F10 A2 Pts18


Muang Thong Utd: Home L2-5; Away D1-1

Navy: Home W2-1; Away W1-0

SriRacha: Home W3-2; Away W1-0

Record: P6 W4 D1 L1 F10 A9 Pts13


Army: Home W3-0; Away L0-1

Police Utd: Home D3-3; Away W4-0

Sisaket: Home W3-1; Away W1-0

Record: P6 W4 D1 L1 F14 A5 Pts13


Chiang Rai Utd: Home W1-0; Away L3-4

Khon Kaen: Home W6-1; Away W2-0

SriRacha: Home W2-1; Away W2-1

Record: P6 W5 D0 L1 F16 A7 Pts15


BB Chula Utd: Home W4-1; Away D0-0

Chainat: Home W4-3; Away W3-0

Wuachon Utd: Home W1-0; Away W4-1

Record: P6 W5 D1 L0 F16 A5 Pts16


Bangkok Utd: Home W1-0; Away W2-0

Ratchaburi: Home W4-2; Away D1-1

Suphanburi: Home D0-0; Away W1-0

Record: P6 W4 D2 L0 F9 A3 Pts14


Air Force: Home W2-0; Away W3-1

Port: Home D1-1; Away W3-1

PTT Rayong: Home W1-0; Away D2-2

Record: P6 W4 D2 L0 F12 A5 Pts14


Nakorn Ratchasima: Home D2-2; Away L0-1

Navy: Home W2-0; Away W2-1

Saraburi: Home L0-3; Away W3-1

Record: P6 W3 D1 L2 F9 A8 Pts10


BB Chula Utd: Home n/a; Away D1-1

Pattaya Utd: Home W2-1; Away W2-0

Sukhothai: Home D2-2; Away W2-1

Record: P5 W3 D2 L0 F9 A5 Pts11


Port: Home W2-1; Away W3-1

Thai Honda: Home W5-0; Away W3-1

Ubon Utd: Home D1-1; Away D0-0

Record: P6 W4 D2 L0 F14 A4 Pts14


Air Force: Home W2-1; Away W2-1

Chainat: Home W2-0; Away D0-0

Prachuap: Home W4-2; Away D0-0

Record: P6 W4 D2 L0 F10 A4 Pts14

OVERALL RECORD: P75 W51 D19 L5 F140 A55 Pts172