Sukhothai v Chonburi

Head to Head


FA Cup

29/7/15 Sukhothai 1-2 Chonburi



16/3/16 Chonburi 2-2 Sukhothai

3/7/16 Sukhothai 1-2 Chonburi



21/5/17 Chonburi 3-2 Sukhothai

8/11/17 Sukhothai 3-1 Chonburi



24/2/18 Chonburi 1-2 Sukhothai

16/6/18 Sukhothai 1-2 Chonburi


TPL – Home: P3 W1 D1 L1 F6 A6 Pts4

TPL – Away: P3 W2 D0 L1 F5 A5 Pts6

TPL – Overall: P6 W3 D1 L2 F11 A11 Pts10

Overall – Other: P1 W1 D0 L0 F2 A1

Sam’s Round Up

Regular contributor, Sam Mosley rounds up what has been a great week for the Sharks.

So, I sit here on Thursday evening, a very happy boy. My two teams in club football have had a great week; Leeds won and went back to 2nd, and then the most unlikely thing happened – Chonburi won two in a row! Let’s hope that it continues.

Firstly, let’s talk about Sunday and the match against Prachuap. The performance in the first half was the best I’ve seen so far from the Sharks. Splendid passing, splendid movement, good finishing and better than average defending – which is a massive improvement.

I was shocked, and very happy, at the standard we set ourselves in that first half. Of course, we were going to go all “Chonburi” on ourselves, but that was yet to come.

The second half didn’t start great. We were ok at times, but we just sat back. Of course the two Prachuap goals followed and it was so disappointing. “Not again!” I heard around me from my expat companions. But it wasn’t over yet. What a finish! 3-2! Brilliant! Kudos to the lads for hanging in there when their heads had clearly dropped and in all fairness, it looked like it could be another frustrating night. However, they stuck at it and we got that much needed winner.

On another note, and something I’ve been critical of recently, I would take my hat off to the coach for picking a formation better suited to our quality up front and on the wings, even if he didn’t have the knowledge or capability to see that we were starting to sit deep in the second half and the formation wasn’t working. But overall, an improvement.

On to the game on Wednesday. I had hoped to go and take in an away game, but unfortunately, family duties came first. I got to watch the game on TV though and I thought the first half was opposite from how things had been going. I felt Bangkok Utd were the better team, but we got a bit of luck and were two up at half time, again!

This time, I must say, apart from letting them back into the game twice, we were really good the second half. A fantastic, professional performance and we looked solid at the back. Kim looked good and seemed to organize everyone, Lukian (over both games) was his normal superb self and our wingers created chances and made nuisances of themselves on the break.

Overall, what a week. I’d like to add that my Mum came with me to the match on Sunday. She has said to me and told people back home in England how good the set up is and how she thought atmosphere, the match were fantastic. A brilliant experience. It could be that she’s the lucky charm so I might keep her over here a little longer than planned!

With thanks to Sam