Buriram Utd v Chonburi: Head To Head

Kor Royal Cup
11/3/12 Chonburi 2-2 Buriram Utd (4-3 pens)
24/6/12 Buriram Utd 3-4 Chonburi (Watch below)
8/9/12 Chonburi 4-2 Buriram Utd
FA Cup
1/8/12 Buriram Utd 3-2 Chonburi

29/5/13 Chonburi 1-4 Buriram Utd
29/9/13 Buriram Utd 2-1 Chonburi
27/4/14 Buriram Utd 2-0 Chonburi
13/8/14 Chonburi 1-0 Buriram Utd
11/3/15 Buriram Utd 1-1 Chonburi
19/8/15 Chonburi 1-2 Buriram Utd
FA Cup
23/9/15 Chonburi 0-1 Buriram Utd
15/4/16 Buriram Utd 3-2 Chonburi
12/2/17 Buriram Utd 2-2 Chonburi
18/11/17 Chonburi 1-2 Buriram Utd
League Cup
1/10/17 Chonburi 1-1 Buriram Utd (4-5 pens)
31/3/18 Buriram Utd 2-1 Chonburi
22/7/18 Chonburi 0-2 Buriram Utd

Home – TPL
P6 W2 D0 L4 F8 A12 Pts6
Away – TPL
P7 W1 D2 L4 F11 A15 Pts5

Neutral – Kor Royal Cup
P1 W1* D0 L0 F2 A2

Overall – TPL
P13 W3 D2 L8 F19 A27 Pts11
Overall – FA Cup
P2 W0 D0 L2 F2 A4
Overall – League Cup
P1 W0 D1* L0 F1 A1
Overall – Other
P3 W1* D1* L1 F5 A6 

*Won one match and lost one match on penalties 

Season Preview by Sam Mosley

Well the new season is almost upon us, and I for one can’t wait. Having said in previous articles, my excitement and enthusiasm for watching football has certainly been renewed.

After watching the few games I have in pre season, I have done a little homework into the history of the club, and from what I have seen, Chonburi FC seem to be very similar to my club at home, Leeds United, albeit in a much more compact space of time. Having success in the past, to living in somewhat obscurity recently, both clubs are hoping to regain some of those past glories this season. Those that follow the Championship in England will know that Leeds are looking good for a serious stab at a top two finish, I hope Chonburi surprise us all and do the same.

Now, I admit, I don’t know an awful lot about the team or what to expect. The friendlies I have seen have been kind of runabouts for fitness by the looks of it. But at the Sanfrecce game I saw a really good footballing team that were pleasing on the eye and I also saw glimpses of that against Port, albeit with a bad result after 90 minutes. The last game I saw was the friendly against Chainat, which I was very impressed with in periods, so hopefully we can achieve much better things than last year.

I have read a few of the previews posted on this site, and I can see there isn’t much (if any) hope of any title push or that much of an expectation of a cup run. But… with it being my first season watching The Sharks and from the glimpses of quality I’ve seen from the team, I am choosing to go in with the naivety of a new fan and I’m making an early prediction for Chonburi FC to be the surprise package of 2019. I know too well this could all change after a few games, but least for now, I am calling a top 3 finish and/or a cup win. I think I would actually prefer the latter, as there is something magic about a cup run.

In terms of the players I think will be good for us, Lukian looks brilliant. I am really impressed with his pace, power and finishing. I can only hope that Patrick Cruz is a great partner for him and the 2 Brazilians can bag the goals. They could be our Ronaldo and Romario! Also a special mention for the magnificent anchor we have in Park Hyum-Beom. He seems really astute on the ball and a great reader of the game – essential to any successful team. I haven’t seen enough of the team to comment on too many other players, but I look forward to the journey either way.

I am really excited for our big kick off against Buriram Utd (awful first game, by the way) and then our first home game next week.


With thanks to Sam