Tributes To Pipob On-Mo

BRUCE CAMPBELL (Former Assumption College, SriRacha coach)

I can remember when Pipop first came to Assumption Sriracha (ACS) 25 years ago! A tiny, scrawny 15 year old kid from Pichit. Part of a larger group of 14 yr olds. It was just before the new school year & luckily for him there was a spot on the U16 team open as one boy had just left due to being homesick.

Although his technical skills were undeveloped then, Pipop already showed the explosive speed and strong competitive character. He initially got little playing time, but over time he kept improving and despite his size, proved he could more than compete at the highest level. Great in the air, adept at holding the ball, very clever at winning free kicks with his speed and courage in 50-50 balls. A knack for being in the right place in front of goal. Classic goal poacher.

He has a great personality and sense of humor. Always popular with his teammates & staff- he is rightfully considered a football legend at ACS and in Chonburi!

Wishing him all the best in the future.



JASON WITHE (Former BEC Tero coach)

Great lad! I remember signing him and giving him his premier league debut at BEC Tero.

We had a few players on trial, including Peeretat Phoruendee, Rangsan Viwatchaichok and Pipob. When I wanted to sign all three, the hierarchy wasn’t impressed as we already had two national team strikers. They weren’t keen on me wanting to sign Pipob, but I was convinced in his talent.

When we won the league he was my 2nd top goal scorer so it wasn’t such a bad decision! As I expected, he had a great career. 

I’d like to wish him all the best.



STEVE DARBY (Former Thailand national team coach)

I never had the pleasure of coaching Pipob in person, but I watched him on a number of occasions, both live and on TV. I saw an excellent professional, in that in every game he was committed to the team. This may sound like a given quality, but believe me it’s not!

He worked hard  (for the team, not for himself, as many foreign strikers do). Obviously he scored a few as well!!

I did coach many of his team mates and they all spoke very highly of him as a person off the pitch. Respect of your peers is indeed a quality!



KEVIN AAMLID (Chonburi fan)

Since I started watching Chonburi, I’ve seen many players come and go. If you were to look at the squad from when I started watching in 2007 till now, you’ll notice there are many different faces compared to before. Despite that, throughout every single season there was always one face that remained the same, Pipob On-Mo.

Pipob is not originally from Chonburi, but he played like he’d lived there since he was born and there was no doubt that he loves the province and the club.

When Chonburi won the league in 2007, Pipob was the Player of the Year in the Thai Premier League and when Chonburi won the Thai FA Cup in 2010, he was the scorer of the winning goal. Behind almost every silverware success Chonburi FC has earned, Pipob was involved.

There is no better player Chonburi could have had as captain. After so many years the number 10 jersey will now be unassigned, whoever wants to wear it next had better earn it.



TIM BANKS (Chonburi fan)
Chonburi were away at the Thunder Dome (SCG Stadium) and in the midst of doing battle with rivals Muang Thong United. As always, exchanges were fast and furious and no quarter was being given.

Early in the second half, at the Muang Thong Utd Ultras end, there was a massive collision between Kawin and Pipob. Pipob was knocked clean out and as he lay flat out in the penalty area, a huge chant of “Pipob, Pipob” went up and grew into a crescendo.

Was it from the Chonburi faithful at the other end? you ask, but the answer is “no”. It was from the MTU Ultras, paying massive respect to a wholehearted and committed Sharks player, who had battled so many times against their side. As he slowly made his way to the bench the whole stadium took up the chant.

Undoubtedly one of the best moments I have experienced watching Thai football over the last eight years and, as Pipob takes his leave of Chonburi and Thai football for good, what more appropriate tribute to a man who could generate such admiration and respect, even amongst our fierce rivals.

Any youngster coming into the game should just take after Pipob, because he certainly set the standards on and off the pitch. They would not go wrong trying to emulate such a wonderful role model. Let’s really hope that the Chonburi stadium is full to overflowing on Sunday 3rd February, when we get the opportunity of saying a sincere “thank you” to a guy who never gave anything less than 100% and played and trained with an ever present smile. Oh, what would the Sharks faithful give for a team full of Pipob’s.


MALCOLM IMRAY (Thai football fan and blogger)

Pipob is one of the genuine nice blokes in football. He came from humble beginnings and he truly seemed happy to have been given the opportunity to make a living playing the game he loves. He never struck me as being spoiled and egocentric like many of the modern day footballers. When he wasn’t playing, he would happily pose for photos and chat with fans.

Despite being small in stature, it was astounding how many headed goals Pipob scored. He instinctively knew where to find space in-between two 6 foot central defenders to get his head onto crosses. Perhaps his height counted against him as he didn’t win as many international caps as a player of his ability deserved.

I wish Pipob all the best and I hope can still have some involvement in football now he has hung up his boots.



KEVIN WATKIN (Thai football fan)

Pipob was one of my favourite players to watch in Thailand. He had a huge heart, and would chase the ball down all day… nothing was a lost cause. As a goal-scorer he was brilliant, and for guy his size, scored an unbelievable number of headed goals. His record probably deserved more recognition at national level that it got.

From what little I know of his background, he had to overcome the perception that he was “too small” to be a professional footballer. This probably led to the thing I remember most about him – that huge smile (and of course, those very snug shirts and shorts) – having worked so hard to get there, he looked like he enjoyed every second he was on the pitch.

All the best for what comes next, Mo.



MATTHEW AAMLID (Chonburi fan)

My first game was against Krung Thai Bank when we won the league in 2007. I remember Pipob scoring the third goal that game so I knew he was a special one. Today, the club seem to be far away from those days and we are not doing as well as before so, it is very sad to see a player who has done so much for the club retire. But, he has done so much for the team all these years and he will always be remembered as a club legend.

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